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Spring into 2021

Spring is 2 days away! I bet you’re looking for ways to start it off right and begin the journey to summer. Well here it is! 5 tips to get it to a good start.

1. Check the pantry.

That’s right, check the pantry. You likely keep a lot of comfort snacks during the winter months. This includes chips, cookies, ice cream, and all kinds of other foods that we can’t resist. If it's something that has to be eaten every time the pantry is opened, donate the foods you’ve been holding on to or give it to a friend.

2. Check the closet for fitness gear.

Check your closet. It might be time to purchase some new fitness gear. You may notice your old tank tops or workout pants are torn or the colors have faded. Or maybe your workout shoes need an update. Use this time to get some bright new colors and get some motivation going!

3. Set a goal, then a plan.

Proper preparation will reduce the likeliness of a poor outcome. Decide what your goal is going to be. This can be losing 15 pounds, or simply to get fit. Then, it's time for the plan. You can hire a personal trainer to create a structured and safe workout plan to keep you motivated and accountable. You can also set yourself up to workout 4 to 5 days per week. The program can vary.

4. Get outdoors.

Outdoor workouts can be the most beneficial time of your day. You get fresh air, soak in the sun, exercise, decrease stress, and reduce cortisol levels. So, why not?

5. Start slow.

You didn’t gain the winter weight in a week or even 3. It WILL take time. Progress checks are always beneficial. After 4 weeks, you might hop on the scale and wonder why the number isn’t going down. But, are you feeling and looking better? Are you eating better? Drinking more water? Sleeping better? Any of these factors are indicators of success.

I hope these little tips can spark that fire within you to take that first step in your journey. It’s not going to be easy. But what journey worth taking ever is? The journey you take will mold you into a better version of yourself. The only thing stopping you now is the willingness to try.

Take that first step today. Start small, but stay consistent. You’ve got this.

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