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Easter Eggs-xercises 2021

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend with family and friends. During these hectic times, quality time with the people you love can make all the difference for your mental health.

Another great addition to improve your mental and physical health would be a workout! That's right! Another workout. This day is typically filled laughter, joy, and a whole lot a candy. So get to the workout mat, get your workout on, and burn some calories!

The Workout

Warmup: Jump Rope 3 - 5 minutes


20 DB Lateral Raises

30 Bosu Lateral Hops

20 DB Front Raises

30 Knee Drives

20 Bent Over Rows

30 Bosu Lateral Hops

20 Upright Rows

30 Knee Drives


20 Sumo Squats to Calf Raise

30 Drop Squats

20 Fire Hydrants - per side

30 Jump Squats

Cool-down: Full body Stretch 5 minutes

Summer is getting close! Are you ready to shed the winter weight? Then let's start working together! I have Virtual and Personal Training spots available.

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