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The Key to Losing Weight FAST

How to lose weight fast - AqilFitness.

No matter where we are in our lives, we typically have some sort of health or fitness goal. Many of us want to lose weight, some want to build muscle, others want to simply be healthy.

So what is the secret when it comes to losing weight fast? It ultimately comes down to calories in versus calories out.


What does this mean? On a daily basis, we do things in our lives that will either cause us to maintain, lose, or gain weight. But how does this happen? Some key factors include dietary intake, strength training, cardiovascular activity, daily activity, and metabolic output. In order to lose weight, calories consumed must be less than calories expended on a consistent basis.


Dietary intake is the most important factor when it comes to losing weight. Unless a person is going through an activity all day, it is virtually impossible to out-train a bad diet. In order to lose weight, calorie reduction is necessary.


There are many people who dislike strength training because they do not want to get big, muscular or bulky. It is very difficult for this to happen, especially without the proper caloric and nutritional intake. It's like saying if i start sprint training, I can participate in the 100m race in the Olympics. That's right, it's not that easy.

Strength Training is beneficial for muscular strength, maintaining bone density, risk of injury reduction, having a healthy quality of life, and in terms of weight loss, it helps increase caloric output.


I've trained clients looking to lose weight, build muscle, enhance performance, and prep for bodybuilding or fitness competitions. No matter what the goal was, cardio was always a part of the program in one way or another. The main reasoning behind this is to simply improve quality and longevity of life. I want my clients to reach their goals, but I also want them to live longer.

Another key role that cardio plays in weight loss is a high caloric output.


I recommend to all my weight loss clients to get in at least 10,000 steps per day. But what's the reasoning behind this? Prescribing a goal of 10,000 steps minimum per day promotes activity, which in turn promotes a higher caloric output. This brings clients a little closer to their goals. To achieve this, they may take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the building they're going to, or take frequent walk breaks.

While all the factors I've mentioned are extremely important in the realm of weight loss, they mean nothing if clients are not consistent. So what is the key to losing weight FAST? Consistency is absolutely crucial when it comes to reaching a goal, no matter what it is.

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